Why Carpet?

In recent years, carpet has developed a bad rep. It is common to find homes with hardwood throughout the entire house, even in the bedroom. While there is nothing wrong with choosing hardwood or other flooring types, carpet should not be overlooked. One of the reasons people are becoming turned off by carpet is that they have seen carpet in their apartment, workplace, or college deteriorate or become nearly impossible to clean. The reason behind this is the age-old saying: “You get what you pay for.’

We recommend you invest as much in carpet in a high-traffic area as you would in hardwood. More often than not, apartments or buildings that require floor coverage for a huge space cut the cost by getting the cheapest carpet that they can find. Our suggestion is that you treat shopping for carpet the same as you would shopping for hardwood. Instead of scraping for the bottom dollar deal on carpet that isn’t built to last, buy the best of what you can afford. It will save you time and money in the long run. Leicester Flooring is here to help you pick floors that are designed to last as well as meet the needs and preferences you may have. With proper care and selection, you can floor your home with carpet that still looks great after 25 years.