Laminate Flooring

Update your home with a stylish yet natural look with our exclusive laminate flooring. We stock a wide variety of colors, designs, and finishes to choose from. Perfect for busy households or for adding a touch of natural glamour to any room. We are proud to offer high quality laminate flooring from Shaw, Mohawk, Mannington, Quickstep and more.

About Laminate

Quality floors with a natural touch

Laminate flooring is a clever and cost effective alternative to traditional hardwood and stone floors. Laminate is manufactured by fusing layers of wood based materials together in order to create durable planks that offer the same natural beauty you would get from wood or stone. This floor covering option is not only waterproof but perfect for adding extra warmth and insulation to any room. From elegant dark oak to stunning clay, we have the perfect option for you.

Browse our collection of laminate flooring for more ideas.

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Laminate Installation Tips

Youtube may make the installation of laminate floors look easy but it's always advisable to leave it up to the experts. At Leicester Flooring we will ensure your subfloor is prepared correctly before applying the laminate planks. We are proficient in various application techniques to make sure we achieve the look you want to create. We guarantee perfection!

Find out more about our techniques and how to prepare for installation day.

Laminate Care & Maintenance Tips

By using the proper cleaning products and tools, your laminate flooring can last for decades. Many commercial cleaning products are filled with harmful chemicals that can cause your floors to swell or lift. This is not only harmful to your new laminate flooring but harmful to our environment.

Find out about what cleaning products to use and how to properly care for and maintain your laminate floors.

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Laminate Inspiration

Get inspired by our gallery of American-made laminate flooring styles.

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Leicester Carpet is a family-owned flooring company celebrating 50 years in business. We changed our name from Leciester Carpet to Leciester Flooring because we’ve always been more than carpet! Not only do we have the best selection in carpet, but we also have the best selection in hardwood & luxury vinyl tile and plank. We take pride in selling only American-made flooring.  It is the core of what we believe in as a company.  We invite you to click below to learn more about our history and the “Leicester Difference”.

The brands we love

We believe in providing our community with the highest quality products which is why we are proud to offer laminate flooring from these American brands.

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