Why the Name Change?

We have been known as Leicester Carpet for 45 years. We were founded in 1971 and have loved being a part of your community and putting down beautiful flooring in your homes at an affordable cost. Throughout the years, we have been asked, “Do you sell hardwood?’ “Do you know where I can get tile or vinyl flooring?’ Well, the answer is Leicester Flooring! We offer a wide variety of all types of flooring. Our knowledgeable and talented staff can help you find flooring for any taste and professionally install it for you.

“Leicester Carpet’ was started out of the bed of JB Snelson’s truck in 1971 and grew into a business that specialized in all flooring types. JB passed on the legacy to his son, Brad Snelson, and Leicester Flooring has been growing ever since! While Leicester Flooring is constantly growing and advancing, we still pride ourselves in being a local family-owned business that can work hard to personally help you find flooring that you are sure to love! Come see us at Leicester Flooring for flooring you will be sure to love, attention to detail, a price you can afford, and staff that is there to help you.