Governor’s Residence

Leicester Flooring was honored during Gov. Pat McCrory’s administration to put a premium quality Masland carpet in the Governor’s Western Residence on Patton Mountain. We donated a significant portion of the project because the residence serves such an important purpose.

With the help of the Asheville Chamber of Commerce, the residence and grounds were donated to the North Carolina Council of the State in 1964. Since that time it has been used by governors and other state officials as well as prominent state residents like the Rev. Billy Graham. Area civic organizations and others meet at the residence throughout the year.

Economic developers say that having a welcoming place where officials from Raleigh can visit Western North Carolina raises the profile for this part of the state and helps it receive attention from state government.

No state money is used to furnish or decorate the residence. A 15-member nonprofit association raises the money for such purposes. We were glad to help.’